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Music charts: From an industry lie to a public's choice

by Patrick Nab

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No better marketing for a music artist than being the number one in any relevant chart. But where do these charts come from?

One of the high rollers when it comes to charts is Billboard magazine. They already started in 1936 with a so called music hit parade. Later on in 1940 the first Music Popularity Chart was calculated. After this multiple other charts followed, eventually in 1958 this resulted in the the Billboard Hot 100. If you click here you will be able to relive the early years and find out what was hot in for instance 1972, or 1996, the entire top 5 from the years 1958 - 2015 can be found here!


But how did they calculate these charts and was it always fair? And are the measurements still the same nowadays?


Atlantic made a cool video about the song recognition app Shazam, who took it a step further by actually predicting what was going to be a hit. Be sure to check it out!

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